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With Winter winding down, most companies start to shift their focus straight to the pool: sunscreen, bathing suits, new water toys, etc. Not PlusHeat! We know that it can stay cold in some areas well into April & May. During the day, the sun seems to beat down as hard as it does during the summer & at night, you would think it was late December it gets so cold. Our remedy to this? The Serta 233T Dobby Stripe Mattress Pad Serta, already known for their quality & comfort, now provides every necessary product to provide luxury during sleep.

While you’re getting ready for bed, be sure to turn on the pad’s preheat option. You’ll be crawling into a warm, soft haven that you won’t want to leave. The pad automatically shuts off after 10 hours, so even the most forgetful user can find comfort in Serta’s safety. The best part about the Serta 233T Dobby Strike Mattress Pad? It saves energy!



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For those nights when the heater and blankets just aren’t able to cut through the cold, you need a warm, filling drink to heat you from the inside out. Our best suggestion? Hot Apple Cider. Simple to make, with incredibly complex flavors, this will be your next crow pleasing go-to drink.


6 cups apple cider

¼ cup real maple syrup

2 cinnamon sticks

6 whole cloves

1 orange peel

1 lemon pee

6 whole allspice berries

dash nutmeg


  1. Pour the cider and maple syrup together into a large saucepan
  2. Put all remaining ingredients into a cheesecloth and tie up to enclose the bundle. Put the bundle in saucepan with cider & syrup
  3. Cook over medium heat for 5-10 minutes, until cider is hot, but not boiling.
  4. Remove spice bundle & serve

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