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heritage-softailSpring is finally here and the sun shines bright across the horizon. It’s a beautiful day and you long for the open roads, but the temperature is still in the 30’s and the forecast predicts another three weeks of cold weather. Sound familiar? I know, I have been there more times than I can count. Being from Caribou, Maine, one of the coldest cities in the United States, I know oh so well that agonizing wait for the cold to end, so I can hit the roads on my ’89 Heritage Softail. Watching the sun shine brightly through my living room window, with outside temperatures in the 20s and 65 mph winds, makes me antsy. It looks so deceptively warm and pleasant outside! But I have always been a resourceful man, so believe me when I say I found a solution!


Nowadays, I hit the roads whenever I get the urge to. With gear I bought from PlusHeat.com, I can ride my bike in any season, whether it’s 5 degrees below zero, or 105 degrees. PlusHeat.com has a large selection of heated clothing, from jackets and vests to heated gloves, base layers and footwear. During the summer, they can provide you with cooling vests and wraps. With PlusHeat.com, the temperature outside will never again interfere with your bike riding! Take to the roads whenever you get the urge and gain the satisfaction of knowing you are boldly going where no man has gone before… or at least, no man that hasn’t visited PlusHeat.com!


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