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You will NOT believe this story… so there’s this British “adventurer” named Ralph Fiennes (not the actor) who planned on skiing across Antarctica last year…

And he planned on using “special clothing and skis” to do it… BUT failed.

This guy had everything he needed except he got some nasty frostbite on his fingers… which caused him to cancel the whole expedition.

Here’s the reason I’m sharing this with you… you can completely avoid pulling a “Ralphie” conquer the slopes or your next hunt and keep your fingers.(with DEEP discounts ==> click here)

And you can be a bit smarter than Ralph.  See he focused on the skis and jackets… AND his fingers got frostbite…

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Now have a look at what Pauline from Minnesota had to say about her heated gloves for her hubby:

“My husband is very happy to have those gloves, at some point his fingers must have had a touch of frostbite, so yay for the gloves.  They finally did arrive in time for Christmas, and. since the delivery mix-up was the company’s error, I greatly appreciate that the large delivery fee was removed from my bill.” (Hint she got these ==> Epic Gloves)

So while snow bunnies like Pauline and her hubby went the smart route and protected their ENTIRE body with heated gear… Ralphie decided to “tough” it out and paid the price for it.

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