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What is Magnet Therapy?

Magnet Therapy has been used for more than 2,000 years. Healers in both Asia and Europe often used magnets to help treat various illnesses. Magnet therapy was created around the idea that the human body is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, also known as a bio-energetic field. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists describe these electro-magnetic fields as “energy fields” that surround a part of the human body. Magnet Therapy is meant to stimulate the bioenergetic field in order to cure or minimize an ailment.

Our blood contains about 4% Iron, which is why our bodies create the electrical impulse that generates these bioenergetics fields. When an individual is in pain, they can place the negative side of a magnet (or strap on a magnet therapy product), the magnet attracts iron in the blood, which draws fresh oxygenated blood and positive energy to the effected area. Magnets also help counteract the acidity found in the body caused by illness. The fresh oxygenated blood and removal of acidity helps accelerate the body’s ability to fully heal. This, in turn, increases healing and recovery time.

What is Magnet Therapy Used For?

Magnet Therapy helps individuals deal with a lot of different ailments. People have used Magnet Therapy for such health problems such as:

  • Joint issues, such as arthritis pain
  • Mild to severe migraines
  • Mild to moderate pain, such as chronic pain or low back pain
  • Overstretched or injured muscles, ligaments, or strained/sprained tendons, including shoulder pain or knee pain
  • Depression
  • Cancer

Studies That Answer The Question: Does Magnet Therapy Work?

study conducted in Tokyo Communications Hospital, by Dr. Kazuo Shimodaira in Tokyo, Japan, in 1990, showed that magnet therapy is highly effective in helping rid of shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, limb pain, insomnia and fatigue.

In a study by Dr. Mark George, tested the effectiveness of magnets to treat depression and found that placing magnets on the head of his test subjects helped significantly reduce depression.

In a study conducted in 1992 at the South Korean University found that magnets can help relieve mild to severe menstrual pain when placed on the pubic area.

Magnet Therapy Products

There are various magnet therapy products available to consumers including: magnetic shoes, magnetic wrist, ankle, knee, and back straps. There are also magnetic shoe insoles, magnetic mattresses, blankets, creams, and even supplements. In addition, there are magnetic patches that can be placed on the location of the body that aches. All of these products work very well to help relieve pain and more. You can choose the right one by determining what you are trying to treat with magnet therapy.



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