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Winter Storm Jonas recently surged through the East Coast last week. As a result, the Huffington Post reported more than 80 million United States residents who have been affected by the storm. The storm dropped several feet of snow along the coast, causing a state of emergency for 11 states.

Although Winter Storm Jonas has subdued, another storm is expected to hit later this week. For anyone located in the areas of impact, they are expected to stay indoors and keep warm. To help fight the extreme chill of the winter storm, the heated clothing from Plus Heat has the capability to keep anyone warm.

The specialized heated clothing found at Plus Heat are equipped with various thermal technology designed to keep you warm and comfortable, even in the coldest of climates. With the battery powered heated jackets, Lithium-ion battery heated vests, and 7v battery heated base layer clothing, these heated clothes help your core stay heated. Expand the warmth to the hands with the rechargeable battery heated gloves that are designed to keep the hands warm and functional. Whether it’s battery powered, or made with sealing technology, Plus Heat’s various heated clothing will keep the warm in and the winter storm out.

With Plus Heat’s specialized heated clothing, user’s will be less dependent on his or her’s home heating system. Not only will the heated clothing lessen the burden of a costly heating bill, but they’ll become a more reliable source of warmth in case of a storm induced power outage. Similar  to the 150,000 homes and businesses in North Carolina and around 90,000 people in New Jersey lost power, the heated clothing from Plus Heat will carry on the warmth.

For the brave workers hired to clear the roads and save people from the storm, heated clothing from Plus Heat will give them the warmth needed for the job.

Whether you’re saving people, or at home wishing the snow away, the heated clothing from Plus Heat will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the winter storm.

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