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Elbow Therapy Wrap

We recently received great news from one of our vendors, Venture Heat. We found out how a customer used an Elbow Heat Therapy Wrap to help ease the pain after a recent car accident. Our customers went from barely moving due to pain, to practically feeling normal due to heated treatment from heated therapy warps. There was no pain medication involved! Visit the Venture Heat blog to read the full story.

We’re glad they were able to recover from the car accident! But, we advise that if you’re shopping for a therapy wrap, order the wrap that correlates with the specific body part mentioned in the heated wrap’s name(for example, if you need heat treatment for your elbow, order the Elbow Heat Therapy Wrap.) Since each specific heated therapy wrap is made to contour and fit that particular body part, ordering the proper product will lead to better comfort and treatment.

If you had similar success from any of our clothing gear from Plus Heat, we’d love to hear about it! If you haven’t experienced the wonderful benefits from Plus Heat, visit plusheat.com and start your story today!


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