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This time of year is when people start to get sick of the heat and wish winter would come just a little bit faster. The heat becomes heavy, very humid in some areas and people begin imagining themselves on the slopes of a snowy mountain, feeling the icy breeze through the trees. And that is exactly why we exist.

We’ve been there; we know how uncomfortable it is when you get into your office and it feels like you never warm up. Or those times in the summer when regardless of how many cold showers you take, you never stop sweating from the heat. We know. And that’s why PlusHeat was formed – to make sure that regardless of the weather outside, you and your home can be exactly as warm or cold as you need it. We want to make sure that you have the ability to not only tolerate any weather, but that you can still enjoy your life in any weather.

Want to know more about us? Click here . We’re always happy to take your calls and questions – just email us at service@plusheat.com or call us at 562-431-1315.


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June and July, usually the hottest times of the year, are also the peak seasons for vacations and trips to Disney.  Now, while you’re there, you may be tempted to cave and purchase and overpriced personal misting fan or even be as desperate as drenching yourself with an overpriced water bottle. But why do all that when you can already stay completely cool and comfortable, despite humidity and heat?

The Kool Max Fashion Vest is the perfect fix for any hot mom. Whether you’re walking with your child to It’s A Small World, or just trotting alongside them during a hot day, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. With a form fitted cut, you can be sure to look good without having to sacrifice comfort. The freezer packs simply pop into to discreet pockets. In no time at all, you’ll be staying active – even during the most sweltering days.

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During peak heat seasons and hours, it’s easy to be tempted to wear those bulky vests filled with ice packs just to stay comfortable. Not only is that not the stylish, but it also means that you have already have those ice or fridge cold packs ready. That’s hardly feasible with something as unpredictable as the weather. Instead Try the Cool Comfort Hidden Vest.

The Cool Comfort Hidden Vest allows you to stay cool without sacrificing style or having to plan ahead of time. Simply submerge in water for 20 minutes, wring it out and towel dry. Put a light shirt such as a tank top between you and the vest and finish dressing. It’s as easy as that. As the water evaporates, you’ll experience a cooling effect. No weight, no wait – this cooling vest is perfect for any lifestyle or activity.

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With temperatures rising all over the country, it’s important to do as much as possible to stay cool and hydrated. These tried and true tips from all over the country are your best bet to keeping energy costs down without sweltering in the heat.

  1. Don’t Be Too Welcoming – What do we mean by that? Keep the curtains down during the day; Although it might look like you are a grumpy or a bit vampire-esque, keeping the shades drawn will help resist the sun’s heat from entering through the glass windows, which acts as an amplifier.
  2. Aloe Vera is Not Just For Sunburns – Try replacing your normal daily moisturizer with aloe vera. With a natural cooling effect, your skin’s temperature is lowered, helping you to stay cooler, longer.
  3. Daydream – Believe it or not, studies show that actually imagining yourself in a cooler environment, say a ski resort or swimming through a lake, can actually help. Your body reacts to these daydreams, lowering its overall temperature.
  4. Pretend it’s Never 5 o’clock. Anywhere – Most of us would love to grab an ice cold beer on the hottest days, but that’s really not going to help too much. The alcohol will actually dehydrate your body, making you more prone to heat exhaustion and stroke. Instead, try an ice cold Club Soda or Perrier. It may not sound as appealing, but it sure will be in the long run.
  5. Eat Spicy Foods – Although it seems counterproductive, the heat stimulates receptors in the mouth that will trigger sweating and blood circulation, which is your body’s  natural way of cooling itself off.

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Everyone has had the experience of sitting too quickly on a bleacher or bench that’s been baking in the sun for hours and burning our legs and well, back sides. It’s frustrating but when you’ve got a kid playing little league, there’s not much of an alternative. With Kool Max Cooling Seat Cushion you can enjoy the game while keeping your tush cool.

Simply freeze the Kool Max cooling packs in the freezer, remove when ready and insert them into the insulated pockets in the cushion. With moisture protection and essential cushioning, you’ll be able to sit for hours in complete comfort.

The Kool Max Cooling Seat Cushion can be used at concerts, stadiums, work, and wheelchairs and on any chair seat of back. With two levels of cooling, you’ll be able to feel long lasting cooling, from well, your bottom up.

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Imagine this: it’s a hot summer day; you’re soaking up the sun in your backyard & there is barely a breeze flowing through the trees. For you, this is perfect You’re working on your tan and enjoying the lazy relaxation that summer brings. But what about for your dog, trying to hide in the shade?

For dogs, summer is great for a little while. We’ve all seen dogs basking in the sun, regardless of the color or thickness of their fur. But after a while, they start panting and the heat is too much for them. Because of their fur, dogs can’t release heat the way that we can. Most of us don’t have too much hair on our bodies, so once we leave the sunlight, we don’t stay hot for very long.

Let your dog enjoy the same heat as you, without him or her overheating. with K&H’s Cool Lounger, a cooling gel pack gets inserted into the tufted, comfy bed, ensuring that Fido can stay cool for 6-8 hours.

Let the Dog Days of summer be relaxing for both you and your furry friend.

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As the weather begins to change and the sun’s heat begins to make houses muggy and warm, there is only one consistent complaint – sleep is less consistent and less fulfilling during hot summer nights.

While that may be true, it doesn’t mean that you should have to just deal with it, running fans all night long or trying to sleep without a blanket on. Instead of trying to jerry-rig your way to a restful night’s sleep, try the Chillow Plus!

Cooling and soothing, this gel-filled pillow can easily help you find a good night’s sleep. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be restricted to just sleep; you can use the cooling pillow for headaches, fevers, warm nights watching TV or use the included Velcro wrap to turn the pillow into a cooling wrap for achy joints or bones.

The Chillow Plus will help you save on air conditioning costs and in this economy, everyone can use some help on additional costs. Simply add water, close the port and get ready to fall asleep in any heat.

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