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If you’re a women experience cramps or a man who lifted something a bit too heavy, nothing is more soothing than having something heated put on your lower back. In this case, it’s as simple as plugging the Venture Heat At Home Heat Therapy Back Wrap and letting yourself relax during your 30-minute therapy session.

What makes this product so much different from the heat packs you find being sold at mall kiosks or during late night infomercials? Simple. Venture Heat has been around for more than 10 years; there’s no way that a company can survive that long in such a competitive market, unless that company produces a product that works.

If that weren’t enough evidence, take the fact that these heat therapy wraps send Far Infared Ways deep into muscle tissue, promoting increased circulation. This increased blood flow coupled with gentle soothing heat helps to both relax muscles, ease pain and provide a release from the tension that often is the source of discomfort.


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Nearly everyone in this day and age has heard of carpel tunnel or knows someone who suffers from it. Repetitive wrist movements such as typing and texting can slowly tear muscles and tendons, leaving nothing but pain and weakness in the wrist. In order to treat injuries like this and other wrist injuries caused by sports, many therapists will suggest hot and cold therapy; Cold therapy to help heal the short-term injuries and heat therapy and heal long-term injuries.

Venture Heat’s Portable Heat Therapy Wrist Wrap  is by far the best heat therapy wrap for your wrist on the market today. Not only does it provide essential and deep penetrating heat, but it also provides Far Infared Rays. These rays boost circulation and promote cell regeneration and growth, making sure that you injuries heal fast.

The nurturing heat & FIR rays are a sure way to provide pain relief from ailments such as carpel tunnel and arthritis. With the built-in 30 minute timer, your portable wrist heat therapy wrap will provide you with convenient therapy sessions, no matter where you are.

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During peak heat seasons and hours, it’s easy to be tempted to wear those bulky vests filled with ice packs just to stay comfortable. Not only is that not the stylish, but it also means that you have already have those ice or fridge cold packs ready. That’s hardly feasible with something as unpredictable as the weather. Instead Try the Cool Comfort Hidden Vest.

The Cool Comfort Hidden Vest allows you to stay cool without sacrificing style or having to plan ahead of time. Simply submerge in water for 20 minutes, wring it out and towel dry. Put a light shirt such as a tank top between you and the vest and finish dressing. It’s as easy as that. As the water evaporates, you’ll experience a cooling effect. No weight, no wait – this cooling vest is perfect for any lifestyle or activity.

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Injured tissue, like that of chronic pain injuries, age and natural erosion can be incredibly difficult to live with.  People that live with chronic pain often seek pain relief through doses of aspirin or Tylenol and try to sooth the stress on their muscle through hot or cold packs. This can provide temporary relief however, none of these will actually help to heal or eliminate chronic pain. So what will?

Far Infared Rays. Far Infared Rays, or FIR, are waves that are totally invisible to the eye, yet somehow stimulate your body’s tissues with gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat. FIR helps to expand capillaries, promoting greater blood flow, which helps to restore damaged and injured tissue through the growth & regeneration of cells.  How does one receive FIR therapy? Luckily, it’s available in the privacy and comfort of your own home with Venture Heat’s At-Home Deluxe Heat Therapy Pad, along with their entire line of Heat Therapy products.

This large FIR therapy heating pad has absolutely zero bulk, no harsh wires poking you or coils. In fact, it’s soft fleece lining makes the luxurious heat even more enjoyable, without any risk or harmful reactions. Need a better reason to try FIR Therapy from Venture Heat? It works.

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