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Any hiker, distance runner or avid traveler will tell you that owning a CamelBak or personal hydration pack is a necessity & if you’ve ever dealt with one, you know that they are incredible devices. We could go on and on about how great and functional they are, but chances are if you needed one, you’d likely own it.  Instead, we’d rather talk about how big of a pain it is to try and clean it.

If you’re patient, you might take it out of its pouch, wash it with soap and water and then hang it upside down, waiting for it to dry before stuffing it back in its pouch and then putting it away in the closet, ready for your next use. What you don’t know about this method, is that it takes an extremely long time and still does not rid your fluid bladder of mildew and other odor causing germs. So what will?

Hydration Peet Dryer. Easy to use – simply plug in and let it go, the Hydration Peet Dryer will completely dry out the reservoir, ensuring that you have a safe, clean pouch to use on your next run or hike!


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