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Elbow Therapy Wrap

We recently received great news from one of our vendors, Venture Heat. We found out how a customer used an Elbow Heat Therapy Wrap to help ease the pain after a recent car accident. Our customers went from barely moving due to pain, to practically feeling normal due to heated treatment from heated therapy warps. There was no pain medication involved! Visit the Venture Heat blog to read the full story.

We’re glad they were able to recover from the car accident! But, we advise that if you’re shopping for a therapy wrap, order the wrap that correlates with the specific body part mentioned in the heated wrap’s name(for example, if you need heat treatment for your elbow, order the Elbow Heat Therapy Wrap.) Since each specific heated therapy wrap is made to contour and fit that particular body part, ordering the proper product will lead to better comfort and treatment.

If you had similar success from any of our clothing gear from Plus Heat, we’d love to hear about it! If you haven’t experienced the wonderful benefits from Plus Heat, visit plusheat.com and start your story today!


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Winter Storm Jonas recently surged through the East Coast last week. As a result, the Huffington Post reported more than 80 million United States residents who have been affected by the storm. The storm dropped several feet of snow along the coast, causing a state of emergency for 11 states.

Although Winter Storm Jonas has subdued, another storm is expected to hit later this week. For anyone located in the areas of impact, they are expected to stay indoors and keep warm. To help fight the extreme chill of the winter storm, the heated clothing from Plus Heat has the capability to keep anyone warm.

The specialized heated clothing found at Plus Heat are equipped with various thermal technology designed to keep you warm and comfortable, even in the coldest of climates. With the battery powered heated jackets, Lithium-ion battery heated vests, and 7v battery heated base layer clothing, these heated clothes help your core stay heated. Expand the warmth to the hands with the rechargeable battery heated gloves that are designed to keep the hands warm and functional. Whether it’s battery powered, or made with sealing technology, Plus Heat’s various heated clothing will keep the warm in and the winter storm out.

With Plus Heat’s specialized heated clothing, user’s will be less dependent on his or her’s home heating system. Not only will the heated clothing lessen the burden of a costly heating bill, but they’ll become a more reliable source of warmth in case of a storm induced power outage. Similar  to the 150,000 homes and businesses in North Carolina and around 90,000 people in New Jersey lost power, the heated clothing from Plus Heat will carry on the warmth.

For the brave workers hired to clear the roads and save people from the storm, heated clothing from Plus Heat will give them the warmth needed for the job.

Whether you’re saving people, or at home wishing the snow away, the heated clothing from Plus Heat will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the winter storm.

Find your warmth now and visit:  www.plusheat.com

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What is Magnet Therapy?

Magnet Therapy has been used for more than 2,000 years. Healers in both Asia and Europe often used magnets to help treat various illnesses. Magnet therapy was created around the idea that the human body is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, also known as a bio-energetic field. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists describe these electro-magnetic fields as “energy fields” that surround a part of the human body. Magnet Therapy is meant to stimulate the bioenergetic field in order to cure or minimize an ailment.

Our blood contains about 4% Iron, which is why our bodies create the electrical impulse that generates these bioenergetics fields. When an individual is in pain, they can place the negative side of a magnet (or strap on a magnet therapy product), the magnet attracts iron in the blood, which draws fresh oxygenated blood and positive energy to the effected area. Magnets also help counteract the acidity found in the body caused by illness. The fresh oxygenated blood and removal of acidity helps accelerate the body’s ability to fully heal. This, in turn, increases healing and recovery time.

What is Magnet Therapy Used For?

Magnet Therapy helps individuals deal with a lot of different ailments. People have used Magnet Therapy for such health problems such as:

  • Joint issues, such as arthritis pain
  • Mild to severe migraines
  • Mild to moderate pain, such as chronic pain or low back pain
  • Overstretched or injured muscles, ligaments, or strained/sprained tendons, including shoulder pain or knee pain
  • Depression
  • Cancer

Studies That Answer The Question: Does Magnet Therapy Work?

study conducted in Tokyo Communications Hospital, by Dr. Kazuo Shimodaira in Tokyo, Japan, in 1990, showed that magnet therapy is highly effective in helping rid of shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, limb pain, insomnia and fatigue.

In a study by Dr. Mark George, tested the effectiveness of magnets to treat depression and found that placing magnets on the head of his test subjects helped significantly reduce depression.

In a study conducted in 1992 at the South Korean University found that magnets can help relieve mild to severe menstrual pain when placed on the pubic area.

Magnet Therapy Products

There are various magnet therapy products available to consumers including: magnetic shoes, magnetic wrist, ankle, knee, and back straps. There are also magnetic shoe insoles, magnetic mattresses, blankets, creams, and even supplements. In addition, there are magnetic patches that can be placed on the location of the body that aches. All of these products work very well to help relieve pain and more. You can choose the right one by determining what you are trying to treat with magnet therapy.


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*** How To Bring Home Your Thanksgiving Turkey In Any Weather ***

If you’re looking to cheat the supermarket lines this Thanksgiving and hunt your own turkey read on….

We’re going to show you how to hunt turkey in any type of winter weather… and these techniques have worked for nearly 400 years.

(And we can show you how to protect your feet at the same time click here ⇒http://goo.gl/jQPXLE)

Since 1621 hunters have been perfecting methods for hunting turkeys, Field & Stream has provided their best techniques for hunting turkeys in heavy rain, snow and wind…

Heavy Rain – Hard rain will cause toms to find overhead shelter BUT… Field & Stream suggests that you walk the edges of pine stands and stop frequently to make hen calls…

You’ll find them in work field edges and logging roads to dry and pick off insects… where you’ll have an easy shot…

High Winds – Normally high wind makes the gobblers nervous but your patience will pay off big time…

Simply take your best decoys and leave and get within 100 yards to set your calls… then BOOM! You’ve got a fat turkey to carve up in front of the family…

And finally snow..

(here’s where you can stalk turkeys and other game all winter long click here ==> http://goo.gl/jQPXLE)

Turkeys will typically get a slight case of lockjaw during cold weather so your best bet is to use the snow to find fresh tracks…

…Follow the tracks and there’s a good chance you’ll find a treasure trove of turkeys to bring home.

Now there’s just one last thing you can do to make your Turkey Hunting adventure as comfy as possible…

And it involves keeping your feet warm… since you’ll spend all your time and effort on your feet I’m sure you’ll agree it makes sense to keep them both warm and cushioned.

Introducing the Thermacell Heated Insoles…

Featuring wireless technology you can keep all 10 of your toes, arches and heels warm and choose the level of warmth that’s perfect for you…

PLUS the rechargeable battery is good for over 500 hunting sessions and the insoles will quickly and easily fit into any of your favorite hunting boots…

And for a limited you can get 20% off the insoles by using code FB20… so just to recap you can bring home a fresh turkey, keep your feet warm for 500 hunting trips and save 20% off…

To learn more click here ⇒ http://goo.gl/jQPXLE

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If you love hunting in the snow you’re going to be amazed at what you can learn from the ordinary fox…

Foxes can hunt almost anything and there’s two simple reasons why… according to the site Kottke.org here’s how they do it:

(You can do it with heated gear and with BIG discounts ==>http://www.plusheat.com/Sale-s/1887.htmgoo)

“Think about this … an ordinary fox can stalk a mole, mouse, vole or shrew from a distance of 25 feet, which means its food is making a barely audible rustling sound, hiding almost two car lengths away.”

The key component in all this is how the fox can bury itself under inches of snow and still maintain it’s body temperature.

Humans normally can’t do this… until now.

But as you can see in the picture there’s one simple way to “hunt like a fox” and virtually bring home any game you want…

Now imagine being able to stay under the snow and effortlessly rest your crosshairs and take it down… without freezing your butt off…

With our Hunter’s Edge Heated Vest you can keep your critical body parts warm (heart, lungs) and never lose the warmth in your fingers…

And for a limited time you can bring home the Hunter’s Edge Vest plus all of Heated Gear with a 10% OFF Discount and FREE Shipping…

Even if it’s already been discounted up to 50% or more… you can virtually lay hidden in the snow and feel as warm as you would in front of the fire place…

Cheating Old Man Winter once again…

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Just the other day I was talking to my buddy Troy who’s an avid snowboarder… dude loves to shred a mountain.

Troy is a total “Winter Warrior” loves playing in the snow…

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He says to me, “Man I’m freezin’… I’ve got like 4 layers on bro.”   My buddy had a cotton shirt, vest, light jacket and snowboard jacket on… his cotton shirt was soakin’ wet…

All that moisture couldn’t evaporate and actually made his core body temp colder… and he had no idea.  Dude at the store never told him about using other options for layering up.

Now maybe you don’t snowboard like Troy, but if you’re a “Winter Warrior” too we’ve got something that will take away that cold feeling you get under your layers…

Here’s what we did… got Troy a battery heated base layer (produces it’s own heat) and battery heated glove liners (heat for all 10 fingers)…

Troy dropped a couple layers, dropped out the sweat with moisture wicking material and was good to go.

So back to you.. here’s how you can do the same…

We’re running a fat sale in honor of Veteran’s Day… here’s the scoop:

You get 10% ANYTHING (even discounted items here:  Clearance) PLUS Free Shipping…

But this Winter Warrior sale lasts until Nov 15th… then it’s gone.

So click here (start shopping) to avoid being cold with using 27 different layers and get the heated gear you need to shed layers, stay warm and keep on playin’

See ya in the snow,


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You will NOT believe this story… so there’s this British “adventurer” named Ralph Fiennes (not the actor) who planned on skiing across Antarctica last year…

And he planned on using “special clothing and skis” to do it… BUT failed.

This guy had everything he needed except he got some nasty frostbite on his fingers… which caused him to cancel the whole expedition.

Here’s the reason I’m sharing this with you… you can completely avoid pulling a “Ralphie” conquer the slopes or your next hunt and keep your fingers.(with DEEP discounts ==> click here)

And you can be a bit smarter than Ralph.  See he focused on the skis and jackets… AND his fingers got frostbite…

(Don’t let frostbite ruin your winter fun ==> Grab heated gloves with DEEP Discounts here)

Now have a look at what Pauline from Minnesota had to say about her heated gloves for her hubby:

“My husband is very happy to have those gloves, at some point his fingers must have had a touch of frostbite, so yay for the gloves.  They finally did arrive in time for Christmas, and. since the delivery mix-up was the company’s error, I greatly appreciate that the large delivery fee was removed from my bill.” (Hint she got these ==> Epic Gloves)

So while snow bunnies like Pauline and her hubby went the smart route and protected their ENTIRE body with heated gear… Ralphie decided to “tough” it out and paid the price for it.

Don’t be like Ralphie… grab you deeply discounted heated gloves and gear right here ==> Heated Gear Sale

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