heritage-softailSpring is finally here and the sun shines bright across the horizon. It’s a beautiful day and you long for the open roads, but the temperature is still in the 30’s and the forecast predicts another three weeks of cold weather. Sound familiar? I know, I have been there more times than I can count. Being from Caribou, Maine, one of the coldest cities in the United States, I know oh so well that agonizing wait for the cold to end, so I can hit the roads on my ’89 Heritage Softail. Watching the sun shine brightly through my living room window, with outside temperatures in the 20s and 65 mph winds, makes me antsy. It looks so deceptively warm and pleasant outside! But I have always been a resourceful man, so believe me when I say I found a solution!


Nowadays, I hit the roads whenever I get the urge to. With gear I bought from PlusHeat.com, I can ride my bike in any season, whether it’s 5 degrees below zero, or 105 degrees. PlusHeat.com has a large selection of heated clothing, from jackets and vests to heated gloves, base layers and footwear. During the summer, they can provide you with cooling vests and wraps. With PlusHeat.com, the temperature outside will never again interfere with your bike riding! Take to the roads whenever you get the urge and gain the satisfaction of knowing you are boldly going where no man has gone before… or at least, no man that hasn’t visited PlusHeat.com!


This time of year is when people start to get sick of the heat and wish winter would come just a little bit faster. The heat becomes heavy, very humid in some areas and people begin imagining themselves on the slopes of a snowy mountain, feeling the icy breeze through the trees. And that is exactly why we exist.

We’ve been there; we know how uncomfortable it is when you get into your office and it feels like you never warm up. Or those times in the summer when regardless of how many cold showers you take, you never stop sweating from the heat. We know. And that’s why PlusHeat was formed – to make sure that regardless of the weather outside, you and your home can be exactly as warm or cold as you need it. We want to make sure that you have the ability to not only tolerate any weather, but that you can still enjoy your life in any weather.

Want to know more about us? Click here . We’re always happy to take your calls and questions – just email us at service@plusheat.com or call us at 562-431-1315.

Be a Clean Freak

Between the Swine Flu, Chicken Pox and Strep Throat, anyone who works in an office or has a child in daycare or school is constantly fighting a battle with their immune system. Being exposed to continual outbreaks of various bacteria and viruses leaves us all vulnerable. It’s been said that being in contact with 1 sick person can increase your chances of getting sick between 40-90%. You can keep washing your hands, but sooner or later, you may want to take increased precautions.

With the Cleanwave UV-C  Sanitizing Wand, you’ll be doing the work of Lysol, bleach, hand sanitizer and so much more. This want helps to elimate germs and odors, without filling the room with chemical filled sprays or harsh smells. Ideal for heavy traffic area, the CleanWave is perfect for cell phones, toys, door knobs, keyboards, remote controls and more.

Kill up to 99.9% of germs, including MRSA and H1N1 viruses in under 1 second and rid pet areas of odor causing bacteria. With cold and flu germs everywhere, you can never be over prepared. Make sure you get rid of germs fast and easy.

If you’re a women experience cramps or a man who lifted something a bit too heavy, nothing is more soothing than having something heated put on your lower back. In this case, it’s as simple as plugging the Venture Heat At Home Heat Therapy Back Wrap and letting yourself relax during your 30-minute therapy session.

What makes this product so much different from the heat packs you find being sold at mall kiosks or during late night infomercials? Simple. Venture Heat has been around for more than 10 years; there’s no way that a company can survive that long in such a competitive market, unless that company produces a product that works.

If that weren’t enough evidence, take the fact that these heat therapy wraps send Far Infared Ways deep into muscle tissue, promoting increased circulation. This increased blood flow coupled with gentle soothing heat helps to both relax muscles, ease pain and provide a release from the tension that often is the source of discomfort.

Nearly everyone in this day and age has heard of carpel tunnel or knows someone who suffers from it. Repetitive wrist movements such as typing and texting can slowly tear muscles and tendons, leaving nothing but pain and weakness in the wrist. In order to treat injuries like this and other wrist injuries caused by sports, many therapists will suggest hot and cold therapy; Cold therapy to help heal the short-term injuries and heat therapy and heal long-term injuries.

Venture Heat’s Portable Heat Therapy Wrist Wrap  is by far the best heat therapy wrap for your wrist on the market today. Not only does it provide essential and deep penetrating heat, but it also provides Far Infared Rays. These rays boost circulation and promote cell regeneration and growth, making sure that you injuries heal fast.

The nurturing heat & FIR rays are a sure way to provide pain relief from ailments such as carpel tunnel and arthritis. With the built-in 30 minute timer, your portable wrist heat therapy wrap will provide you with convenient therapy sessions, no matter where you are.

June and July, usually the hottest times of the year, are also the peak seasons for vacations and trips to Disney.  Now, while you’re there, you may be tempted to cave and purchase and overpriced personal misting fan or even be as desperate as drenching yourself with an overpriced water bottle. But why do all that when you can already stay completely cool and comfortable, despite humidity and heat?

The Kool Max Fashion Vest is the perfect fix for any hot mom. Whether you’re walking with your child to It’s A Small World, or just trotting alongside them during a hot day, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. With a form fitted cut, you can be sure to look good without having to sacrifice comfort. The freezer packs simply pop into to discreet pockets. In no time at all, you’ll be staying active – even during the most sweltering days.

Most people that have problems sleeping resort to prescriptions, over-the-counter medications or even “natural” alternatives like melatonin.  What they don’t mention is that this can lead to dependence, a greater problem with attempts to sleep and frightening issues during dreamtime.

Obviously there is a lot of controversy when it comes to finding a cure for problems with sleeping, but before you try an internal solution and putting something inside of your body, perhaps try an external solution changing your environment.

If you’ve had your mattress for more than 8 years, it’s about time you get a new one or at least a mattress pad. Not only will a new mattress help assist you with fall asleep faster, but it can help cure problems like back and neck aches that can keep you feeling tired all day.

It may be an old wives tale, but hot chamomile tea or a glass of hot milk might do the trick. Soothing and warm, heated liquids can warm your body up faster and allow for greater relaxation when trying to fall asleep.

When all else fails, the Rise and Shine Natural Wake-Up Light  is a great thing to have for when you  need to fall asleep peacefully and wake up refreshed. The light and sound therapy helps your body to naturally fall asleep , calibrating the external environment with your internal needs. When you’re ready to wake up, rather than try and be jolted up by the sound of a harsh alarm clock, you can slowly be awakened with a slowly brightened light, simulating dawn. This slow change in environment helps your brain to wake up, giving it time to adjust before your eyes open and you start your day.

Still have trouble sleeping? Try counting sheep, reading and keeping the lights and sounds off in your room for at least a half hour before attempting to fall asleep, signaling a wind-down time for your body.